Why are Wayfinding Signs Important?

The importance of wayfinding and directional signs in creating positive visitor and student experiences in schools has grown. At UK School Signs we offer a variety of wayfinding signs which you can easily attach to walls, fencing, or posts to increase visibility and direct visitors, students and teachers to key school facilities.

People need to be able to move around your school without getting lost or eating into valuable learning time – but when is best to use signage and what is available?

New Pupils to Your School

It’s often about first impressions, and you want them to be positive for any new or prospective pupils attending your school. For those students who may be a little anxious about their first day, having directional signage at important points is helpful to that experience. Whether they are visiting with their parents or doing their first school tour, signage provides them with important information. A basic toilet sign eliminates questions of where the toilets are, and directions to reception allow students to get there easily. This encourages them to have confidence when navigating the school independently.

Visitors and Deliveries 

Larger schools with lots of visitors can benefit from wayfinding signs to improve people flow. Fundamentally, the information on your signage should answer visitors’ enquiries such as "Where am I?" and "Where am I heading?". People will feel comfortable and secure navigating throughout the school, whether they are new teachers or contractors, moving within a building or around the grounds, or trying to make deliveries to the kitchen.

Day to Day Activities

Every day, students, teachers, and visitors pay attention to high-quality, thoughtfully placed directional wayfinding signs because they are easy to follow and help individuals engage with different spaces and form positive impressions of the school. Wayfinding signage can also support health and safety efforts when thoughtfully incorporated into the site plan of your school. It can help identify pedestrian areas and facilitate moving safely throughout the school, for instance, school parking signs can point drivers to the appropriate parking facilities, ensuring everyone is safely where they need to be. 

Wayfinding Signage in Your School

With the help of directional wayfinding markers, visitors, teachers, and students can navigate your school's grounds more quickly; when done properly, moving around the school becomes a seamless experience and often, using the signage becomes second nature. Why not contact us to discuss your needs? Here at UK School Signs, we can make recommendations and talk about how you may utilise directional wayfinding signs in your school.