Preparing Your School for Exams

Formal exams have been cancelled in educational institutions across the country for two years in a row because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now that they are back, there is a great deal of pressure on schools to ensure everything runs smoothly. This puts stress on staff and pupils, both anxious to do well.

Whether your pupils are sitting their SATs, GCSEs or other exams, the best thing you can do to ease their nerves is to ensure that both they and the school itself are as prepared as possible.

How can you make your school exam ready?

As well as providing pupils with revision classes and resources such as past papers to help them prepare, there are some practical actions schools can take to put children’s minds at ease and create the ideal environment for exams.

Ensure exam rooms are clearly signposted. 

Schools should convey clear information to pupils about where and when exams will be held, installing temporary directional signage to guide them to the right location.

Remind pupils of exam rules. 

Mobile phones and other devices are usually forbidden in exam rooms, so it is a good idea to remind pupils of this. Putting up ‘no mobile phones’ signs can help enforce this rule.

Ensure the area around the exam room is quiet. 

People passing the exam room should be made aware of when exams are happening. One way to keep noise to a minimum is to have ‘exam in progress’ signs on display in the corridor or outside.

How can UK School Signs help?

We offer a range of school exam signs to help you create controlled exam environments and enforce rules around technology and noise levels. Our freestanding floor signs are the perfect solution for exams, as they can be easily folded flat and stored away when not in use. Explore our exam signs or view the full range of education signs.

Many of our signs can also be customised to include your own text or your school’s logo. If you are interested in creating a bespoke sign, please get in touch.