Make Learning English Easy with Signs!

At the earliest stage of their educational lives, children start to learn the important life skills of reading and writing. Schools, and in particular early years teachers, have a critical role in this, and while teaching English can be a challenging task, it is made much easier with the use of learning aids. UK School Signs offers a range of useful learning tools, including a selection of educational signs and classroom whiteboards, to make English lessons more fun and engaging, helping children to learn, and filling your walls with colour!

Alphabet Signs 

It can be useful to have a visual representation of the alphabet in your classroom to help young children learn their ABCs. We offer a range of colourful alphabet signs, including fun letter sign sets as well as animal alphabet sign boards with a creature for each letter. These educational signs will help brighten up the classroom and make learning the alphabet more exciting for pupils. 

First Words Signs

Learning the difference between “there” and “their”  is a common struggle for school children. Why not make use of UK School Signs’ range of first words signs to provide a visual reminder of these words, alongside many other common pronouns, conjunctions, and verbs? Use these colourful signs as tools for creating sentences, learning about the different tenses, and more.

Phonics Signs

Another key part of learning the English language is phonics, and whilst this is primarily about listening to the sounds contained in words, visual aids can make the learning process easier for children. Our English signs range includes a popular phonics sign board with a friendly bear character, a classroom whiteboard designed specifically for learning phonics, as well as a range of individual signs for each sound, for example ‘ai’, with a list of common words that contain it.

Handwriting Signs

A key part of learning English is, of course, writing the words on paper. We have some useful tools to help children develop their handwriting, including an alphabet whiteboard and a colourful letter sign set, which shows examples of the uppercase and lowercase versions of letters. As well as being helpful learning tools, these signs will look great on the classroom walls.

Discover the Full Range of Education Signs

At UK School Signs, we offer a range of educational signs for subjects such as Maths, Science and History, as well as English. View the full selection of education signs or get in touch if you would like to discuss your school signage requirements with our friendly team.