A Quick Guide to School Bus Signs

Many schools use private transport such as minibuses, buses, and coaches to take children to and from school. These vehicles are required to use a certain level of school transport signage to ensure the safety of passengers, as well as other road users and pedestrians.

UK School Signs has put together a quick guide to the school bus signs that you should use, as well as others which can help improve school transport safety.

Compulsory Signs

School buses and coaches used to transport children to and from school are required to display certain signage to comply with The Road Vehicles Lighting (Amendment) Regulations 1994. The school bus sign should be yellow with a black border around the edges and fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle; the size should be a minimum of 250 x 250mm for the front and 400 x 400mm for the rear.

UK School Signs can provide the correct school bus sign that you need in the required sizes and a choice of materials, including reflective backing as standard to ensure maximum visibility in low light conditions.

Safety & Information Signs 

When it comes to enforcing rules on the school bus, signage can be useful. For the safety of everyone on board, it is sometimes necessary to ensure passengers wear a seat belt. You can use signage to instruct people that seat belts must be worn. You may also want to encourage behaviours such as no smoking, eating or drinking while on the school bus. 

Parking Signs

The school car park can get very busy, so you should ensure your school bus is able to park by reserving a dedicated parking space. UK School Signs provides a range of sign stands to help you enforce this so that everyone knows which parking space is reserved for school transport. In addition to this, you can signpost the school bus stop to help keep the area clear but also ensure children can find it easily.

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