Why Replace Your Old School Signs?

Are any of your school signs starting to look worn, damaged, or outdated? The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to refresh your school’s signage. UK School Signs explains the main reasons why you should replace your old signs, even if they are in good condition.

Signs Get Damaged

The primary reason for replacing an old sign is that it has become damaged or unreadable, so it is no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps your outdoor school signs have become worn and faded from the weather, vandalised, or dented from a collision with a vehicle. These are some prime examples of when new signage should be installed.

Signs Affect First Impressions

Large numbers of people visit schools year-round, from parents and children coming for an Open Day, to Ofsted inspectors, new staff, and members of the local community. It’s important to make a good first impression; if your school signs look outdated or unattractive, or some important signage is missing, this can have an impact on how visitors perceive your school. 

Signs Help Visitors Navigate the School

When there are little to no wayfinding signs around a school, or if your old signs point to the wrong location, it can get very confusing for new pupils, staff, and visitors as they try to navigate the grounds. Ensuring that important locations such as the school’s entrance, reception, and toilets are clearly signposted will help improve the overall visitor experience at your school.

Signs Keep People Safe

It is imperative to look after your school safety signs and replace them when needed, not just because of health and safety regulations, but also to protect pupils and staff. Fire exit signs, for example, help people find the exit in an emergency – if these were not clearly visible, children’s lives could be at risk.

Start Refreshing Your School Signs Today

Looking to replace your old signs, or buy some new ones to supplement your existing inventory? UK School Signs offers you a wide range of signage products, including both indoor and outdoor school signs for health and safety, facilities, roads, and more. With plenty of custom options too, you can create signage that works for your school. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.