Road Safety in Schools: Stop, Look, Listen, Think!

Road Safety Week, organised by the road safety charity Brake, is a chance for communities to come together and campaign to make the roads safer for everyone, whilst remembering road accident victims, and those affected. This year, Road Safety Week runs from 14-20 November, and schools and organisations are encouraged to get involved.

What can be done to improve road safety at your school? Are pupils aware of road safety rules, and do you have school parking signs, so parents know where to pick up and drop off their children? We have taken the principles of ‘stop, look, listen, think’ to offer ideas for keeping everyone safe.


There might be busy roads or dangerous junctions near your school, so it’s important that designated crossings are used where possible since these will require motorists to stop. Children should be encouraged to go to the zebra, pelican, or toucan crossing, even if it means walking a little further, to ensure their safety. School traffic signs are also helpful to warn motorists to watch out for children, as this may prompt them to slow down or stop to let children cross the road.


Have a good look at the roads or paths to your school. Are there any potential hazards which have not been signposted? Are any of your existing school road signs looking faded and worn? Do you see parents parking where they shouldn’t be? Taking steps to address these issues can help improve the safety of your pupils.


Why not ask parents about their opinion on your school’s road safety to gain an insight into their experience? Then, you might discover some of the pain points there are for dropping children at school. You can also ask pupils and listen to their thoughts. It is important to educate children on road safety and what the different types of safety signs mean, as it allows them to navigate their way to school independently and think about the hazards of crossing the road.


Road safety requires thought. We offer a range of Think! road signs to encourage motorists to think before they park and drive carefully around the school. Our school road safety signs include warnings such as ‘parking here could endanger a child’s life’ and ‘caution – children crossing’, perfect for displaying around your school grounds.

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