3 Ways to Make Cycling to School Safer

Cycling, walking or even scooting to school is a more environmentally friendly way of travelling than driving, especially over short distances. However, for some parents, driving their children to school is a necessity, and others may worry about the dangers of cycling amongst the busy morning traffic and so choose to take the car instead. We look at three ways you can use school road safety signs to make it safer for staff and pupils to cycle or walk, helping to reduce heavy traffic during drop-off and pick-up times.

1. Ensure traffic is aware of road safety rules.

School traffic signs are often necessary to inform motorists of speed limits, one-way systems, and junctions where they need to stop. This helps both staff and parents to navigate your school grounds safely, reducing the risk to pedestrians and cyclists. Plus, enforcing lower speed limits can lead to a reduced level of traffic collisions.

2. Instruct parents to park in the right place.

Even with yellow zig zag lines on the road marking the school entrance, many parents will still park at the gates. Signage with clear messaging, such as in our range of Think! road signs (“Parking here could endanger a child’s life”) both communicates to people where they can and can’t park and makes them think of the consequences of their actions.

We offer a broad range of school parking signs to help provide clear direction to motorists and keep pupils safe. Find out more about how UK School Signs can help in our previous blog on how to combat anti-social parking at your school.

3. Educate pupils on best practices.

Pupils should be made aware of your policy on walking or cycling to school, and the best, safest footpaths or routes to take. Having a designated cycle parking area will also help keep cyclists safe from cars, lowering the risk of accidents in the school car park. You could use one of our custom signs to make pupils aware of where this is located, or to convey any important safety information.

Experts in School Road Safety Signs

We specialise in designing and manufacturing road safety signs that make it safer and easier for children to cycle or walk to school, which will help encourage parents not to drive if they can. If staff lead by example and do the same, this can help reduce traffic and therefore carbon emissions, allowing your school to become more sustainable.

If you can’t find the sign you want in our extensive range, we can design a bespoke one just for you. Get in touch with the friendly team at UK School Signs to find out more.