10 Tips for School Cleaning

As the year draws to a close, now is a great opportunity to think about cleaning up your school before the Christmas break. UK School Signs has provided some cleaning tips to ensure your school is kept in the best possible condition. Take this advice into the new year and you are sure to start 2023 with a clean slate!

1. Prevent dirt from entering the school.

By placing doormats around the entrances and exits to your school’s buildings, you can prevent dirty footprints from being tracked along the floor. Of course, not all the dirt will be picked up, so you may need to do some mopping! In this instance, a floor cleaning sign should be displayed to ensure people don’t slip on the wet floor.

2. Have bins easily accessible around the facilities.

Bins should be positioned in easily accessible locations across the school, and pupils encouraged to place all rubbish in the bins provided so it doesn’t get left on the floor or in the lunch hall. It’s also important to ensure that the bins are emptied regularly to avoid waste overflowing.

3. Encourage recycling.

With paper often making up a significant proportion of a school’s waste, pupils should be encouraged to recycle paper or other materials once they have no other use for them. Numerous materials can also be reused, for example in art lessons or crafting activities.

4. Tidy away materials after use.

Part of the clean appearance of a school is tidiness. Whether it is putting books away in the library, tidying away paper and pens at the end of a lesson, or filing paperwork, there are a number of good practices you can implement to keep your school tidy.

5. Pay extra attention to frequently used areas.

There are likely to be areas of the school that will need cleaning more often than others. The school toilets, as well as classroom door handles, light switches, and handrails can be hotspots for germs. You can encourage people to clean a surface when they have finished with it to help keep these overused areas hygienic.

6. Use antibacterial protection.

Colds and viruses can be spread by touching shared surfaces. SafeTouch door handle wraps and stickers with antimicrobial protection film are proven to reduce the presence of bacteria and Coronavirus, so they are ideal for use around schools.

7. Host a cleaning day!

If your school is in dire need of a comprehensive end-of-year clean, why not host a cleaning day event where teachers, pupils, and parents can get involved? This is a fun way to get the cleaning done quickly, and it teaches pupils about the importance of good hygiene.

8. Provide hand sanitiser stations.

By making hand sanitiser available around the school, the spread of viruses should be slowed. If children are encouraged to use hand sanitiser stations after touching shared supplies or surfaces, this will help lessen the chance that they will pick up any germs from them.

9. Encourage hygienic habits.

Young children are often not as conscious of basic hygiene as adults, so they may need to be reminded to wash their hands! We offer a range of “soaper hero” hygiene signs and posters to make handwashing fun for children and teach them that good hygiene will also help prevent the spread of colds, flu, and COVID-19.

10. Get the school cleaned professionally.

A sure-fire approach to ensure that the school is kept clean is to get it done professionally. Our range of school cleaning signs is ideal for use by cleaning professionals, including a selection of sign stands to inform people when work is in process.

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